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Our pricing structure is designed to meet the actual needs of each of our clients. Prices of our vehicles vary depending on the expected number of persons who will be on-board, the number of hours it will be used, the destinations, and a lot more. We assure total value for your money when you request our services. Orlando Limo Bus has the most modern vehicles on the market, the most advanced equipment inside each of our buses and limos, the most professional chauffeurs, and a commitment to total customer satisfaction that has made our company a buzz name when people talk about luxurious Orlando limo service.

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Of course, you don't want to get stuck in traffic for hours on your way to an event around Orlando or spend several hours wandering around looking for a parking space. No. We don't want that to happen. If your purpose in Orlando is to have a good time attending events and important occasions, traffic and parking space could eat up a lot of your time. We are the way you can avoid that headache, because we know how to take care of our customers. Don't worry about parking space or traffic. On-board our modern bus, you won't feel that you are stuck in traffic because we have the gadgets and the amenities that will keep you and your friends entertained. Our rates maybe higher than ordinary cabs. But is it right to compare us with taxis? Can you chat comfortably with five other friends on-board a taxi? Can you stretch, stand, dance, sing, drink and laugh aloud inside a taxi? When booking Orlando party bus service with us you can do all that and more. When you and your friends chip in for the rate of our vehicle, you will see that our price is really reasonable.

We base our pricing model on providing the best rates based on current market conditions at the time. While other companies may be fine with setting their prices at the top of range to make sure every rental turns a profit no matter the state of the market, we go about it differently, if fuel prices are low we are able to work that into your free quote, and that is just one example, there are many variabilities that influence the operation costs in the transportation industry. We work hard to do all we can to provide a perfect experience for our customers.

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